About the pipe

The multilayer pipe is a five-layer composite pex-al-pex pipe that combines the advantages of copper and plastic and eliminates their disadvantages. The aluminium core is absolutely diffusion tight; it reliably prevents oxygen/gases from permeating through the surface. It compensates and reduces snap-back forces and heat expansion with changes of temperature. The pipe offers the latest in innovation and technology, providing a working life of over 50 years, a working temperature range from -45 to +95 degrees centigrade and a minimum burst pressure range from 7.0 MPa to 3.5 MPa (1 MPa=145psi=10bar). Also with a 100% diffusion barrier it helps eliminate corrosion and the build-up of micro-organisms in the pipe and fittings. The pex-al-pex multilayer pipe system has been awarded certifications throughout the globe including WRAS certification here in the UK. This means that as well as central heating and underfloor heating applications it can also be used in potable (drinking) water applications. As an underfloor heating pipe, it offers a time and cost saving solution.

With multilayer composite pex-al-pex pipes, we have developed an advanced product that combines the advantages of a copper and plastic pipe while simultaneously eliminating the disadvantages of both. This offers product advantages that are second to none:

  • The aluminium core is absolutely diffusion tight
  • It prevents the ingress of oxygen
  • It compensates snap-back forces
  • It reduces heat expansion with changes of temperature

The pipe also has the added advantage of being available in a range of colours which we supply ourselves. For example, if you were working on a new installation you could use blue pipe for cold water feed, red pipe for the hot water feed and white for the heating pipe work eliminating the need to ever chase back along the pipes to find the source of each pipe, saving both time and trouble. Whatever the colour of the pipe, it will benefit from the multitudes of strengths and advantages pex-al-pex pipes have to offer.

When installing the pipe it provides no memory bend, i.e. it compensates snap back forces allowing it to be manipulated into the desired shape reducing the need for fittings and joints, eliminating waste and being more energy efficient providing a cost effective and reliable solution to copper or plastic piping systems saving the customer time and money.

Eliminating the use of heat and flux the pipe provides a simple and effective solution making the whole installation process clean, simple and cost effective.

Both press fitting and compression screwing can be used to ensure a permanently tight and leak resistant connection. Matched components (which we also supply) make the system particularly suitable for extending existing installations i.e. adding into a copper system of pipe work when renovating or refurbishing an existing house.

Rifeng themselves are proud and confident of the product they produce, so confident in fact they offer a 25 year guarantee with their pipe system, offering not only added security against any potential risks but also providing invaluable peace of mind.

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Our strength also lies in the fittings, which are designed perfectly to fit the pipe. This ensures that all fittings have optimized insert part geometry for long life.

Our range of fittings, consisting of couplings, elbows, tees and a large number of other system components is as extensive as anything in the market place. Pressing or screwing – both methods can be used to ensure a permanently tight connection.

Matched components make the system particularly suitable for extending existing installations.

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